Swimming Classes

Swimming Classes

EnGedi Aquatics focuses on developing a swimmer at any level into a better swimmer.

We specialise and offer lessons in baby swimming, learn to swim (LTS) and group coaching.
Our programs are designed to:

  • Develop learner confidence.
  • Instill core aquatic skills through playful activities.
  • Promote awareness and behavioral principals of water safety.
  • Follow the EnGedi Aquatics teaching method that encourages:
    • Physical activity
    • Personal achievement
    • Intellectual stimulation
    • Social interaction

Swimming is a life skill – and it’s fun.

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The importance of swimming lessons for water safety can’t be overstated. Everyone, especially children should be able to swim. Here at EnGedi Aquatics we consider swimming to be a very important life skill. Our professional and fun approach ensures this happens in a safe and fun environment. We call this teaching value “Pro-funsional”: Professional and fun. This is what you can expect from each of our lessons.

Result focus with long term view

Our programs follow a systematic approach with key defined progression milestones. We aim to achieve these milestones in the most effective way considering each learners age, capability and pace. Our teaching philosophy is underpinned by long term athlete development principals. Long term athlete development focuses on skill development in a responsible manner to ensure long term participation of athletes in sport. EnGedi Aquatics are passionate about being part of the journey in creating swimmers that love aquatic activities in any shape or form, hoping that they will participate in aqua sports for the duration of their active life.
EnGedi Aquatics have been entrusted by parents and caretakers since 2005 to teach aspirant swimmers (from 6 months old) the essential aquatic skills required to be safe and capable in an aquatic environment. We have extended our services in 2010 to assist swimmers in preparing and building technique to become competitive swimmers.
EnGedi Aquatics are an affiliated member and active participant in the following organizations:

  • Professional Baby Swim Teachers Association (PBSTA)
  • Swimming South Africa.
  • Professional Aquatic Association of South Africa (PAASA)
  • Central Gauteng Aquatic Association (CGA)

We strictly follow the facilities and qualification requirements of Swimming South Africa:

  • Our LTS facility at Unika Primary is an accredited Swimming SA center.
  • All our instructors and coaches are respectively qualified and certified in the Swimming SA LTS instructor and Level 1 coaching program.
  • We specialize in baby swimming and our instructors are PBSTA qualified.
  • As safety is our primary concern, all our staff is trained in level 1 first aid.
  • Teachers and coaches attend regular workshops to ensure we keep abreast the latest information and knowledge in water awareness, water orientation and swimming techniques.
Central Gauteng Aquatics Professional Baby Swim Teachers Association